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We will start this off with the usual, it's all COVIDs fault.

With that out of the way, we are attempting to eliminate phoned-in orders. Its just not working for any of the parties involved, you have to wait in line, listen to the typical restaurant noise, and to top it off the staff shortage isn't helping. Did we mention the bad weather and outright dangers for street cyclers?

We have decided to offer a few better options!

Below you'll find the various delivery and pick-up options we are currently offering.

Each has its pros and cons, read on and find which is best for you!




Uber delivery is the absolute fastest way to place and receive your order, whether pick up or delivery, this is our first choice recommendation.

Why is that you ask? Because Uber provides you with a minute to minute update on your order, from order confirmation to reviewing your order after your meal!

It is also the best way to reassure your order will not have to wait for our limited delivery staff to reach your home.

But Uber charges more you say? Yes, indeed they do, to you and us too. But we must admit that the service and speed is definitely worth it!

Also, through Uber you do not have to limit your orders if you live further than our 1 mile radius! Order to your hearts content as long as Uber has drivers! (do they ever run out? 🤔)




GrubHub is pretty straight forward, you have the choice of pick up or delivery, choose your meals and confirm your order! No waiting neither.

Grubhub delivery service is growing stronger everyday, we would dare say they are definitely a great choice for a fast and smooth delivery of your meal!


Directly through us


Yes yes, we know, you love us, thank you!

We are a very small restaurant, with that said, though we wish we could have one thousand team members answering calls, preparing orders and taking over the NY food industry, unfortunately we must look at reality straight in its face...

We are a tiny crew, with literally, just wiggle room to move around in.

We would love it if you helped us help you by skipping the call in orders 

BUT! If you would really like to go directly though us and preorder your pick-up or eat-in order instead, do feel free to order directly through us instead!

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